Better racks make for better breaks and higher scores. All of your billiard accessories should be top notch for the best pool experience, and the Viper Billiard Ball triangle is the first step towards a first class billiard game. The solid hardwood construction of this rack is superior to plastic as much more care is put into crafting them. Our Viper products like this pool rack are a sign of quality. This billiard triangle provides a tighter rack on balls that are regulation 2.25” in diameter. A tighter rack leads to better games and you’ll notice the difference from the first shot. The better start to a game begins now with the Viper Billiard Triangle!

  • Regulation size rack fits standard 2.25” billiard balls.
  • Constructed from durable solid wood with reinforced corners for style and function.
  • A snugly fitting rack will lead to better breaks and higher scores.
  • Solid wood construction shows its superiority to plastic which can warp and break much easier.

Wood Triangle Rack


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