The X-treme board is comprised of Target Tested Tough™, commercial grade nylon segments that out perform conventional plastic. 12 dart storage in door panel. 16 player scoring options for all your friends, or master your skills against the computers' 3 skill levels.

Regulation 151/2" target face
Concave segment holes
Display with scrolling screen
Single/double in/out options for 01 games
Best dart out for 01 games
Single/double bullseye option
Handicap option for each player
Single or team cyber play
Fast game selection with up/down buttons
Auto sleep mode
Front mounting for easy hanging
Auto player change
Missed dart button
Eliminate score button
Team double elimination
Missed darts catch ring
Voice with adjustable volume
Bounce out button
Drawer for extra tips
Storage for 4 sets of darts
Store 5 of your favorite games for easy retrieval
1 year limited warranty

Viper Xtreme Electronic Dartboard