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Everything you need to get started playing darts! This bundle includes a set of 18g Soft tip darts featuring a specially coated alloy barrel that pops with color. The thorough grooves go the length of the barrel ensuring you will find a steadfast grip for your throw. The set includes three darts, along with an extra set of flights, nylon shafts, dart wrench and 100 extra matching tips. The Casemaster Deluxe Dart Case combines a clean, timeless design with high utility. This case holds one complete set of darts with 8 pockets and 5 tubes for your accessories. The durable nylon exterior keeps moisture out, and the compact design keeps your darts and accessories safe while saving you space.


  • Coated alloy barrels provide best bang for the buck with high strength and solid weight.
  • Case is constructed from tenacious nylon fibers, made to stand up to the elements and protect your darts.
  • Soft tip dart tips can wear out and break after heavy use, and it is essential to have extras on hand so your dart games can continue without pause.

Viper V Glo Pink Dart Package

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