Elevate your game to the stars with the Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard! This regulation 15.5” target face gives a unique dart throwing experience with its dual LCD scoring display. With 43 games and over 300 scoring options, you and your crew will surely never run low on variety. The stylish color scheme utilizes sharp red and silver on a deep black to make your board stand out among competitors. The Orion features Target Tested Tough segments that will stand up to the toughest bombardment, in addition to an ultra-thin spider to minimize bounce-outs. Furthermore, the Orion features concave segment holes that lock in your shots. The scoreboard can utilize a cricket quick key to get you playing immediately. The multiplayer feature supports up to 8 players, so no one is left behind. Boldly take your game to an undiscovered new territory with the Viper Orion! 

  • Tournament Quality Regulation 15.5” Target Face.

  • 43 Games with over 300 Options.

  • Concave Segment Holes reduce bounce outs.

  • Target Tested Tough segments withstand your toughest throws time after time.

  • Bilingual Voice, in English or Spanish.

  • Up to 8 player multiplayer, including team play.

  • Two extra-large displays allow up to four players to see their scores at the same time, and can be seen from a distance.

  • A simple interface streamlines yourdart experience.

  • Improve your game by seeing your average point per dart.

  • Built in storage allows you to keep track of your darts and extra tips.

  • Level the playing field with easy to use handicap feature and ensure a challenging game.

  • Powered by an AC Adapter, so there’s no hassle with replacing batteries.

  • Includes mounting hardware for quick setup.

  • Includes 6 soft-tip starter darts and a one year warranty.

Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard


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