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The newest innovation in protecting your wall from errant dart throws is here with the Viper Guardian Dartboard Surround! This stylish polyurethane surround requires no installation tools and no assembly, simply fit the surround around the board for a perfect fit! This tough and durable defender will stand up to the most wicked throws, should an errant throw slip by. The Viper Guardian is available in five awesome colors, to match any decor. The wide profile of the Guardian covers an amazing 2.7 square feet! Take the guesswork out of deciding which board to purchase, as this surrounding wall guard will fit perfectly with any regulation sized sisal dartboard!

  • Defend your wall from dents and dings with this polyurethane surround.
  • Constructed from one inch thick high density polyurethane for enduring protection.
  • Protects your wall for an astonishing 2.7 square feet!
  • Fits perfectly on most regulation sisal dartboards.
  • Engineered to form fit tightly compressed against the wall and board. No hardware required!

Viper Guardian Dartboard Surround

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