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Take to the rink and prepare to ice the competition with the Viper Arctic Ice Air Hockey Table! The Arctic Ice is the premier 7.5’ air hockey table. The large playing field ensures the most complete gameplay experience, with enough room to maneuver and outsmart your opponents and extra high rails to prevent the puck from flying out of the rink. The glossy finish of the surface features hockey rink graphics for an authentic look.  Complementing the large playfield is the powerful 110 volt motor that can output 110 cubic feet of air per minute, for a flawless playing surface, and the smoothest puck flight. This thick cushion of air is what sets the Arctic Ice apart from the competitors! Keep score with an automated LED scoreboard with adjustable volume voice response. Incorporated into the scoreboard is a timer that can be set for 10 or 15 minute games. An unlimited time game mode is also included for lower pressure games. 

The Arctic Ice features sleek, stylish pedestal legs that blend seamlessly with any game room decor. Solid construction gives the most stable base; once assembled you’ll find the Arctic Ice solid as a glacier. The legs also include levellers to ensure a balanced playing field. Included is everything you need to get started with four pucks and four pushers.

  • Full sized 7.5’ Air Hockey Table allows for the most exciting and complete gaming experience.

  • Powerful motor is capable of outputting 110 cubic feet of air per minute for the thickest cushion of air.

  • Automatic electronic LED scoreboard with sound effects accurately keeps track of the game score and announces victory.

  • Convenient size fits easily into smaller game room spaces, allowing you to place your table wherever works best for you!

  • Includes all of the accessories needed to play; four pucks and four pushers.

Viper Arctic Ice Air Hockey Table

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