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The advanced Viper 850 Electronic Dartboard provides the next level in dart gaming.

Headlined by the ultra bright triple score display, the 850 provides the best scoring experience yet. Enhanced definition on the central display allows for better scoring graphics than ever before seen, while the traditional double cricket display utilizes the best brightest LED in the industry for high visibility. The options are numerous with 50 games pre-programmed into the board and over 470 scoring variations.

The 850 features an expertly constructed 15.5” target face for heavy use and high scores. Featuring Target-Tested-Tough segments made from High Grade Nylon, the 850 endures the toughest throws! Each segment features locking holes and is connected by ultra-thin spider to minimize bounce outs and maximize scores. The 850 includes six soft tip darts to get you throwing right away and a throw line measuring tape to ensure your games are from the right distance.

  •  Ultra bright display - Advanced technology gives the scoreboard display extra clarity and enhanced graphics
  •  Top quality segments - Durable Target-Tested-Tough segments stand up to heavy use and feature locking holes to reduce bounce-outs
  •  50 Awesome games - The options are vast with tons of classic favorites and new innovations, over 450 variations
  •  Enhanced scoring experience - Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring provide key improvements to increase scoring and guide darts into the board
  •  Included accessories - Six starter darts get you into the game sooner and a throwline measuring tape ensures that you’re at regulation distance


Product Details

Length:24.25 in
Width:19.5 in
Height:1.15 in
Weight:5.0 lbs
Target Face Diameter:15.5 inches
Warranty:Limited 1 year

Viper 850 Electronic Dartboard

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