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Push your game past the limit with the Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard, Metropolitan Mahogany Cabinet, Throw Line Marker & Shadow Buster Dartboard Light Bundle! This classic combo is here to improve your game, amaze your friends and confound your rivals! The 797 is 15.5" regulation size and can accommodate up to 16 players at a time, meaning nobody has to feel left out on crowded game nights; players can choose from 43 games and 241 scoring options. The Target Tested Tough segments of the board are solidly built to prevent cracking, and feature numerous concave holes to catch your shots. An ultra-thin spider assists the segment holes in lessening the likelihood of a bounce-out, while a catch ring around the 797's outer edge will keep your wall safe from loose shots. There is also a backlit LCD scoreboard built into the board to ensure the most accurate bookkeeping possible, and its ten-key interface ensures easy navigation. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Cabinet containing the board is constructed from pine and held together via box joints; its back is reinforced with black cloth to protect your wall from punctures. The doors of the cabinet are fitted with self-closing brushed nickel hinges. Darts and other accessories can be stored in the compartment below the board area. The Shadow Buster illuminates your dartboard from above, making it - and all of your targets - visible in any rec room at any time. It also flips up when not in use and runs on four AA batteries. Rounding out the bundle is a standard throw line marker that's easily applied to any floor.

  • 15.5" dartboard comes with an automatic, backlit LCD scoreboard and six soft-tip darts
  • Precision-engineered concave segment holes prevent both bounce-outs and damage to the board
  • Features 43 games, 241 scoring options, and can accommodate up to sixteen players
  • Dartboard is powered by an AC adapter, while the light runs on AA batteries
  • Dartboard light fits on any cabinet and flips up when not needed
  • Box joints provide the cabinet with increased durability
  • Black cloth-reinforced back prevents piercing of the board and puncturing of your wall
  • Extra darts can be held in the lower compartment

Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard, Metropolitan Mahogany Cabinet, Throw Line Marker

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