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Different from all other home dartboards in the market, the VDarts H3L offers a gaming experience similar to that of the soft dart machines at the comfort of your home. Go online to play with other dart players around the world or invite family and friends for a fun and exciting game!


LED Smart Target

Our Revolutionary LED target is one of a kind! With smart technology, it helps our players with their focus and training.  Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, with the help of our LED target, you’ll be able to enjoy and quickly learn how to play a variety of dart games.


Stunning Design

With each game, you’ll be able to dazzle your audience with these LED lights as they light up the whole room!



No more calculating of how many points still needed to win the game.  Let our LED target guide you all the way.


Dual HD Camera (Sold Separately)

The double cameras work in a way that your opponent sees not only you throwing darts, they can also see the dart as it lands perfectly on your dartboard. The double HD camera is sold separately and can be easily attached onto the dartboard for your convenience.

** The detachable dual camera is an added accessory, which is sold separately


Miss Sensor

We have especially added the miss sensor to the VDarts H3L to enhance our player's gaming experience. Now it feels like a professional machine!


Ultra Noise Reduction

We have added an extra layer of sound-absorbing cushion to deliver the quietest board in the market. The sound-absorbing effect is equivalent to that of what professional studios use.


Dimensions - 24.41" x 23.23" x 2.76"

VDarts Global Online Electronic Dartboard

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