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Target Yohkoh darts range was crafted around performance and perfection. The vibrant Yohkoh offers perfectly balanced dart profiles to suit all throws and techniques. The barrels consist of contemporary radial grooves throughout which are enhanced by a black PVD performance coating that is overlaid with sandblasting offering a unique matte finish. The radial grooves are then re-machined to give a striking silver finish.

Key Features:

  • Brand - Target
  • Series - Yohkoh
  • Barrel Material - 80% Tungsten
  • Barrel Shape - Straight
  • Color - Black, Silver
  • Shaft Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)
  • Point Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)


  • Barrel Only Weight (approximately) - 17gm
  • Fully Dressed Weight (approximately) - 19gm
  • Barrel Length - 47.54mm
  • Barrel Diameter - 6.87mm

Whats Included:

  • 3 Barrels
  • 3 2ba Shafts
  • 3 Flights
  • 3 2ba Soft Tip Points

Target Yohkoh 11 Soft Tip Darts

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