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*18 Gram Soft Tip Darts


Target Mikuru Suzuki Gen 2 darts are quite impressive and would make a great addition to your collection! Their breathtaking appearance has definitely raised the bar in dart designs like Mikuru has for the ladies' game. She is one of the most remarkable female players in the sport.

Target Sports Japan, in collaboration with Mikuru Suzuki, the reigning consecutive Ladies World Champion, is very proud to announce the launch of the Miracle Gen 2 darts. Mikuru decided to make some slight alterations to her current Gen 2 darts, and Target was able to make this special dart available to her fans worldwide. She needed the adjustment before the PDC Grand Slam tournament in 2020 and really liked the changes to her darts. Mikuru added very fine micro grooves on her grip to enhance her release and hence her aim and this change really improved her game.

Target Mikuru Suzuki Miracle Gen 2 Soft Tip Darts

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