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Crafted with Gabriel Clemens to his exact specifications, the German Giant worked closely with Target’s team of designers to ensure the barrel was perfect for his style of play.  The result is his Gen 1 dart.   


The 90% Tungsten barrel design is dictated by the way Gabriel holds his dart.  It features a tapered cut and combines radial grooves at the rear with nano-grip technology at the front thus presenting a unique grip and feel.  The barrel is additionally tailored  with Target’s pioneering Storm Nano Point, a uniquely devised and fully machine point offering reduced flight deflections and the ultimate finger grip.

Key Features:

  • Brand - Target
  • Series - Gabriel Clemens
  • Model - Gen 1
  • Player - Gabriel Clemens
  • Barrel Material - 90% Tungsten
  • Color - Silver
  • Shaft Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)
  • Point Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)


  • Barrel Only Weight - 17.5gm
  • Fully Dressed Weight (approximately) - 19gm
  • Barrel Length - 52.00mm
  • Barrel Diameter - 6.40mm

Whats Included:

  • 3 Barrels
  • 3 2ba Shafts
  • 3 Flights
  • 3 2ba Soft Tip Points

Target Gabriel Clemens Soft Tip Darts

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