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Target Aspar Professional steel tip dartboard was designed to modernize the dartboard as we know it. Aspar is a high-performance African sisal dartboard suitable for the professional game and comes with several refinements to the traditional dartboards to enhance playing experience.

The minimalist graphics around the dartboard ensure consistent focus on doubles. The symmetrical graphics enable rotation up to ten times without effecting the visual appearance, ensuring your board looks new every turn.

The number ring has been upgraded from the traditional system and offers a more subtle appearance on the dartboard. The numbers themselves have an updated font and are positioned so they always sit upright.

The updated wire system has been specifically designed to increase the surface area for scoring and reduce the opportunities for bounce outs.

The Aspar has a vibrant and enhanced color scheme throughout the dartboard due to its multi-color printing process offering a strong visual appearance consistently. Designed with the player in mind, the Aspar offers a modern and practical approach to the dartboard.

Key Features:

  • Brand - Target

Whats Included:

  • 1 Dartboard

Target Aspar Professional Steel Tip Dartboard

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