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The BRAND NEW flagship Sisal dartboard from Viper is our most advanced dartboard yet. The Viper Slash is constructed from the HIGHEST GRADE African sisal fibers, compressed to the highest density possible. These bristle fibers give the Slash its self-healing properties, holes left from dart points seal back to PRISTINE condition. The ultra dense sisal allows us to include the thinnest RAZOR WIRE we’ve ever had on a bristle board. This razor wire increases the scoring area of each segment for higher scores and less bounce outs for a FAST-PACED game without stopping play! The razor-thin wire and bullseye are free of traditional staples that can interfere with your game and cause bounce outs. Prepare for TOURNAMENT PLAY with the Slash, its regulation size of 17.75” (451 mm) matches perfectly with high level event boards

  • SELF-HEALING AFRICAN SISAL - The highest grade Sisal available, the Slash will heal over time to its original pristine condition
  • RAZOR THIN SPIDERWIRE - The thinnest wire we’ve included on a dart board gives the Slash larger scoring segments and fewer bounce outs
  • STAPLE FREE BULLSEYE - The removal of traditional staples prevents them from interfering with your game and causing more bounce outs
  • STANDARD REGULATION SIZE - Prepare for tournament play with this 17.75” (451 mm) board
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY - Long-lasting quality is enhanced by the high-density compression for a board that will last beyond its competitors

Slash Sisal Soft Tip Dartboard

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