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The ALL-NEW Sinister Aluminum dart case is the PRIME solution to dart storage! A TOUGH aluminum-reinforced shell stands up to heavy usage and SHIELDS against heavy impacts to keep darts safe. The Sinister has hard EVA molded foam specially crafted to tightly hold darts and plethora of accessories, with form-fitting accuracy. The Sinister Dart Case is secured with MAGNETIC LOCKS that hold closed even upon impact, keeping your darts and accessories SAFE. The Sinister is designed with STYLE in mind, with it’s low profile branding and stealthy matte black finish and smooth sleek shape. The Sinister fits three complete darts and a wide range of accessories.

  • PROTECTION - Safeguard your darts from damage with a highly durable aluminum shell case.
  • HOLD THREE DARTS - Extra wide profile holds up to six darts in hard foam slots, without crushing flights.
  • SECURE HOLD - The magnetic locking mechanism holds tightly closed and has no pieces to break and easy to access.
  • STYLISH PROFILE - The sleek low profile design make it easy to carry and gives the case a trendy look.
  • DEFENDED GRIP - Hard EVA foam holds your darts and accessories securely in place.
  • EXPANSIVE INVENTORY - Fits a myriad of dart parts to be prepared to throw all night long.

Sinister Dart Case

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