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Warrior - Arm your arm

Capturing the indigenous spirit of Pacific Warriors, the Warrior features tattoo design work from renowned New Zealand artist Ruatoto Henry. The flowing tattoo design includes the New Zealand fern, for abundance and good health (and great playing). With its bone white shaft and cinder grip (superfine grip technology) on the points and barrel, the Warrior represents a taiaha - a Maori spear used for close combat. The Warrior is a great dart for most players, especially if you like to grip the barrel in the middle to tail end. Choose the Warrior, and unleash the warrior within this weekend.

Barrel Design: Smooth nose area with medium shark fin grip in mid to tail area.

Design inspiration straight from tattoo artist Ruatoto Henry: When I look at a dart it looks like a Taiaha (traditional maori fighting weapon) and I was thinking how could I really bring this to life with my art? The barrel represents a kind of puhoro (maori for tattoo) arrow, which was often featured in contemporary tattoo design. The flight design has a stronger reference to traditional warrior tattoos, which usually featured on the backs of thighs. Other words of inspiration for me were; dynamic, streamline, fearsome, weapon, power, leadership, spearheads, fighting and death.

Rua's response when he saw this artwork featured in the final product was - It looks so sick!

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • Premium L-Style Lippoint
  • Match weight +/- 0.05gm
  • Eagle claw shaft system
  • Hand designed 100 micron flight
  • New Cinder grip - Super fine grip technology

Fully dressed weight (approximately) - 19gm or 21gm

Shot! Warrior 2 Soft Tip Darts

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