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*18 Gram Soft Tip Dart Set

Shot Pro Series Ryan Murray darts are a heavyweight addition to their Pro Series Range. They were designed and crafted in collaboration with the Scots darts pro Ryan "Muzza" Murray. These darts feature 90% tungsten barrels that not only boast elegance, but also allow you to perform like a pro.

The detailed milled ring grip at the front section of the barrel provides excellent grip for front throwers. The elegant Hilt grip on the rear of the barrel is a multi-directional shark grip re-machined to add additional traction, locking the fingers into a no-slip area. All the weight is maximized in the front and it's balanced out with the jewel-like Hilt grip in the rear. They are finished with a brilliant purple Titanium coating.

Key Features:

  • Brand - Shot
  • Series - Pro Series
  • Model - Ryan Murray
  • Player - Ryan Murray
  • Barrel Material - 90% Tungsten
  • Barrel Shape - Straight
  • Balance Point - Front Loaded
  • Grip Intensity - 4
  • Color - Silver, Purple
  • Shaft Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)
  • Point Thread Type - 2ba (Most Common)


  • Barrel Only Weight (approximately) - 16gm
  • Fully Dressed Weight (approximately) - 18gm
  • Barrel Length - 46.00mm
  • Barrel Diameter - 6.60mm

Whats Included:

  • 3 Barrels
  • 3 2ba Shafts
  • 3 Flights
  • 3 2ba Soft Tip Points

Shot Pro Series Ryan Murray Soft Tip Darts

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