This dynamic straight steel tip dart set features two very distinct grip profiles. A smooth nose graduates into a ring grip for a reliable reference point for finger placement and allows for easy extraction of the dart from the dartboard. This area is followed by "Dragon Scale" grip, which allows for very positive control of the dart and ensures a stable release. The rear grip profile of the dart is a variation of the precision detailed Masonry grip, this which delivers a strong push point with zero slip or drag on release. The design elements and placement of these grip profiles put your fingers on the best-balanced position on the dart to allow a smooth trajectory.

Finished in black and gold Titanium coating.

Key Features:

  • 90% Tungsten barrels
  • Center balanced
  • Black and gold titanium coating
  • Match Weight +/- 0.05 gm
  • 2ba Shafts
  • Flights
  • 2ba Soft tip points

  • Measurements:
  • Barrel only weight - 18.5gm
  • Fully dressed weight (approximately) - 20gm
  • Barrel length - 48.00mm
  • Barrel diameter - 6.30mm

Shot! Pro Series Rob Heckman Soft Tip Darts


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