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Instead of rolling out the red carpet, lay it on thick with the Shot Dart Mat. Likely to pay for itself in saved darts alone, this professional looking mat will stop darts hitting the floor and damaging the point or shaft, as well as protecting your floor from bounce outs. Good looking enough to do the games room proud, it’s made from shock-absorbing, industrial grade rubber for comfort underfoot, game after game, without curling. And regulation steel-and soft-tip toe lines show you where to stand and throw.


299.5cm (9' 8.25") long x 62.5cm (24.6") wide x 3mm (.11") Thick

Dart Mats are made of rubber based product and may have a strong odor.

This may require airing the item before use.


Key Features:

  • Brand - Shot
  • Material - Rubber
  • Color - Black

Shot Darts Mat - Rubber

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