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Enjoy one of your all time favorite classics in a brand new way with the Mainstreet Classics 29 Cribbage Board. This board has all of the pieces necessary to start playing this family favorite. The board is designed with a three slot track, going all the way around, following the 29 pattern. Constructed from solid wood for long-lasting durability, the 29 board is finished with a clear varnish to show off the natural beauty of the wood. Snappy designs on the front exhibit the best cribbage hand and a double “S” design for a sharp overall look. Nine colored pegs, in three different colors, are included for a three player game. Built into the back is a slotted channel for the storage of all the included pieces so you won’t have to worry about losing them.

  • Enjoy the beloved card game in a brand new way with this uniquely shaped board.

  • Made from solid wood for long lasting durability and natural beauty with a clear finish.

  • Board decorations include the best possible cribbage hand and double “S” designs.

  • Complete with nine playing pieces of different colors.

  • A slotted channel on the back of the board can be used for convenient storage of all pieces.

Mainstreet Classics Wooden 29 Cribbage Board

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