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Relive hours of classic fun that you can take with you wherever you go with the Mainstreet Classics Traditional Domino Set! This set has got it all in one convenient and easy to carry package. The centerpiece of the set is the 28 double six dominoes. Ivory colored, these dominoes look great on your gaming table. They also feature a brass pin on the center bar, to protect the domino faces while shuffling, and additionally give the dominoes a highlight of color. In order to take your dominoes game on the go the Classic Game set includes a leatherette carrying case with lid. This case is a deep black with a white highlight stitching for a classic look, and all 28 pieces fit inside. This protective case features a cloth interior to shield your dominoes from the elements and additional wear. Also included in this package is a set of playing instructions for numerous variations of beloved games, and new favorites.


  • Complete set of 28 ivory colored double six dominoes allows the play of any and all game variations.

  • Attractive leatherette carrying case features a white stitching accent to complete the overall look.

  • Dominoes feature a brass pin on the dividing bar to protect their faces while shuffling, rounded to prevent scratching table surfaces.

  • Space saving design makes this complete set highly portable, the case holds all 28 dominoes snugly and securely.

  • Includes a full domino set, leatherette case with lid and playing instructions.

Mainstreet Classics Domino Set

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