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Backgammon is a game steeped in history, enjoyed throughout the years, and passed on from generation to generation. Now you have the opportunity to share this classic game with your friends or family. The Mainstreet Classic Pennsylvania Backgammon Set is the ultimate in that classic backgammon experience with the largest board we offer. The beauty of this set starts with the case. A sleek black leatherette covering protects the inside of of the game board from the elements while in transit. Once opened, the Backgammon Set measures 15” for a full sized experience that can be played anywhere you need. The board is covered in a stylish grey cloth covering that will certainly stand up to years of use. Complementing the luxurious interior are the sewn on leatherette points for a sharp contrast to the cloth. Once play begins, you will find the matching black and white playing pieces to be solidly constructed, with a weight to them. The board also includes everything else you need to get your game started: two leatherette dice cups, a doubling cube and playing instructions will ensure that you start your backgammon games right.

  • 22.5” backgammon board is just the right size to play wherever it’s convenient while still maintaining a sizable playing surface.

  • Elite black leatherette case allows you to take your board on the go, without fear of misplacing pieces.

  • Matching black and white solid wood pieces perfectly complement the leatherette covering and velvet interior for a superbly classic look.

  • Luxurious cloth lining and sewn on leatherette points with decorative stitching lends an air of quality and craftsmanship to this set.

  • Includes a set of black and white playing pieces, two leatherette dice cups, a doubling cube, two sets of dice and playing instructions.

Mainstreet Classics 22.5" Backgammon Set

$42.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
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