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A time honored tradition of picnics and tailgates is back in a new convenient travel size with the Mainstreet Classics Micro Bag Toss Mini Game Set. You and your family will enjoy countless hours of fun tossing the bag back and forth into these well constructed bag toss targets. This game is designed with travel and portability in mind with foldable legs and a side carrying handle, not to mention the convenient size! There’s no more fumbling around with awkward boards when you have Mainstreet Classics on your side! The travel size has other benefits too: combined with the soft bean bags, indoor play is much safer; kids will love a game that is sized for them, while adults will enjoy the greater challenge of smaller targets, to truly test their skills. Everything you need to get started is included: two targets and eight bean bags in two different colors that are durable enough to stand up to the toughest throws.

  • The classic tailgate and picnic favorite is now available in an easy to carrying travel package.

  • Compact construction and convenient carrying handles allows for maximum portability or storage when the play is over.

  • Smaller size makes an ideal target for kids and adults looking for a greater test of their skills.

  • Bean bags and small size allow for indoor use as well as outdoor.

  • Includes eight durable bean bags that will stand up to the harshest throwers.


Mainstreet Classics Mini Bag Toss

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