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Discover why the Gran Board 3s Dartboard has been reviewed as the best home dartboard for those of all ages!


Our number #1 best selling dartboard. Discover the world of Gran Darts with the capability to play with those all around the globe!


Play with people all around the world right from the convenience from your home! The new Gran Board 3s Dartboard is a new and improved version from the Gran Board 3 version. 


3s Evolution

Improved Features Include
"Silent" - The shock absorber and structure have been improved on the board overall. When darts hit the board, it has a quieter impact, making it a more in-home dartboard without the noise. 

so when darts hit the Granboard 3s it's silent.

"Sensor" Improvement - The improved material of the sensor sheet helps prevent false recordings. The outboard has two sensors, preventing false reactions and making out decisions more reliable.
"Segment" Quality Improvement - The Granboard 3s was re-designed to improve the quality of the segments along with an overall strengthened board preventing wear and tear. 


Play on the newest Gran Board 3 Model titled the “Gran Board 3”


Key Features:

  • LED lighting for vivid game play
  • Hits and awards are linked to the LEDs
  • App controlled Customizable LED colors
  • Optional "LED dart mat" and Smart bulb "PHILIPS hue" linked with Granboard 3s, lighting the entire room
  • MicroUSB port (USB adapter capable of supplying 2.4 amps is required and Not included)
  • Compatible with online match "GRAN ONLINE"
  • Highest level of quietness
  • Equipped with an outer sensor (the sensitivity can be adjusted with the app)
  • More than 30 games included
  • Various game options such as in / out and number of rounds can be set
  • Equipped with a handicap function (auto, manual)
  • Maintenance is possible with optional repair parts
  • Includes form case made of sturdy ABS material
  • Includes 3 screws, USB cable, and installation guide
  • Compatible with plastic brackets (sold separately)


The next generation of home electronic dartboards:

  • Use your own iPhone, iTablet, Android, or Smart TV for graphics and scoring
  • New games will be added with free app upgrades
  • Runs on 2 AA Batteries - play with it anywhere!
  • Higher density acoustic absorbent sponge in all segments deadens sound
  • Silent mat made from a new shock absorption material
  • 2 Sensors register darts that hit the outer scoring area of the board
  • 9 Levels of Play against the computer
  • Plays Cricket, 01 Games, Count-Up, Half It, Animal Battle (vs. Computer)
Dimensions: 22 ½" X 22 ½" x 1 5/8"
Weight: 6.2 pounds • Material: Plastic (Body), Wood (Back Cover)

Gran Board 3s Bluetooth Dartboard

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