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Bring home the rush of fast-paced soccer action with the Viper Sheffield Foosball Table! The Sheffield is the perfect solution, whether you are looking to complete your family game room or challenge your dorm room buddies. The quality of this table begins with the cabinet construction. The cabinet is the case that holds the playing field and takes the heaviest beating. Foosball table walls have to be tough if they’re to survive any amount of play. The Sheffield has this covered as the walls are constructed of 1” thick wood walls, with either side covered in a metal plate, to protect the table where it’s hit the most. The durability continues into the sleek black playfield, fashioned from high density thermoplastic to prevent warping. 

The Sheffield boasts solid one-piece legs to give it solid stability and leg levellers to balance the playing field on an uneven floor while the bolts remain hidden for the cleanest overall look. Tournament sized solid steel rods are capped off with octagonal grips for a quicker reaction time and faster rotation speeds. The bearings for the rods are a snap to install as they come preassembled. The look of the Sheffield is completed with a jet black finish on the cabinet and silver accents that guard the corners. The sharp looking black and silver foos men on this table are counterbalanced for optimal movement during play. You can show off your skill when leaving your players upright for long set piece shots, catching your opponent off-guard.


  • Durable cabinet construction from 1” thick wood featuring a jet black finish stands up to the toughest players.

  • Spacious playfield is fashioned from solid thermoplastic is ¾” thick to prevent warping.

  • Sleek jet black style with sharp silver accents looks great in any game room decor and hides leg bolts for a smooth design.

  • Counterbalance technology allows you to leave your black and silver foos men upright, setting up long goals.

  • Preassembled ball bearings make installation of foos men rods a snap.

  • Convenient end ball returns make sure the flow of play never stops.

Fat Cat Tirade MMXI Foosball Table

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