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For the real pool hall feel for a fraction of the cost, look no further than the Fat Cat Kansas Billiard Table! This 7.5’ table is sure to brings hours of fun to your whole family, and complete the look of your game room with its classic style and contemporary color. The Kansas look begins with the finish. Maple veneers with a deep black finish give this pool table its signature look traditional, yet sleek. This finish is designed to complement the style, yet also fit in with more modern looks. French style drop pockets invoke a sense of tradition, the way a billiard table should look. Classic ball and claw legs complete the vintage style. The legs also feature levelers, to ensure an even playing field. Completing the look, playing surface is covered in a rich emerald green cloth cover, that can stand up to tough play and looks good doing it.

The Kansas features all the marks of quality found in a billiard table, but won’t break the bank. This is made evident with the playing surface, just beneath the cloth cover. This high quality slate replacement gives you a smooth playing surface for years, and is resistant to warping, costing just a fraction of what it would take to install a slate table top. Surrounding the playing surface are 1.5” thick solid rails, featuring the classic white circle markers, to assist in lining up your shots. These rails feature tough, yet elastic 818 rubber bumpers, which will retain their bounce for years to come. Each Kansas comes ready to play once assembly is complete, as all the accessories are included such as: a complete set of billiard balls, two 57” cue sticks, one resin triangle, and two pieces of cue chalk. Prepare for fun that lasts for hours with the Fat Cat Kansas!


  • Convenient 7’ table fits into smaller rooms while maintaining the same high level of competition.

  • Classic style features a sharp black finish and traditional green playing cloth matches traditional decor seamlessly and completes the look of your parlor or game room.

  • 6 inch rails with ivory colored markers are equipped with 818 rubber bumpers for elastic responsiveness even after years of play.

  • Fringed drop pockets offer classic design to complete the look of this magnificent table.

  • Includes two pieces of chalk, one resin triangle, two 57” cues, one rail brush, and once complete set of 2.25” billiard balls.

Fat Cat 7' Kansas Billiards Table with Ball and Claw Legs

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