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Bullseye! We've partnered with BenShot to create this unique dart themed glass. This authentic BenShot 16 ounce pint glass is high-quality, heavy, and handcrafted in BenShot’s glass workshop in Wisconsin. Glass and packaging are made in the USA. Each glass is embedded with a real Viper Termite dart.

  • Each glass is made in the USA with high quality, heavy glass that holds 16 ounces
  • Hand-sculpted to create a unique drinking masterpiece
  • Glasses come individually packaged (packaging is also made in the USA)


Product Details

Length:6.0 in
Width:5.0 in
Height:3.5 in
Weight:1.0 lbs
Warranty:Limited Lifetime

BenShot Pint Beer Glass with Dart - 16oz

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